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Payment info

We usually use Money Transfer, West Union, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer...

MG and WU is the most convenient way for pay. You even can download their APPs in your phone to handle.

Bitcoin is the best way for our big customers, because it does has any quota control, you can transfer many many many money one time as long as you need.

Refer to Bank Transfer, it is more safer and reliable for some new customers who worry aboout if we are scarmmers or not. Because the bank transfer account is our company account which is true.

Payment is normally cleared within minutes. If you decided and paied, pls just get back to us with the Control number, amount sent and name and location of sender.

After making payment to us and the money is collected, your order will be packaged and dispatched to you within 24 hours

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions!

P.S.: I know, lots of customers want to use Paypal, which seems to be safe, and we do use it one month ago, but it shows some problems and still didn't solve at present, will inform you when it's done.